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Product name : Focusairy Garden Hose 100 Feet(Blue)
Product No. : 201672012053
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           FOCUSAIRY 100 Feet Expanding Heavy Duty Expandable Strongest Garden Water Hose with Shut Off Valve Solid Brass Connector and 8-pattern Spray Nozzle


  • Aesthetically pleasing design: Using strongest material in the market, the tightly knitted outer fabric gives you visual enjoyment. It starts out 33ft and expands to 100ft with at least 5.88bar water pressure. Never kink and tangle. Lightweight, compact and space saver. 

  • Newest high quality material: using the newest material which can efficiently protect latex pipe. Tests have shown this new material hose has high prolonged service life that can be used for at least 1000-1100 times, while others only have 500-600 times. 

  • All solid brass fittings: the use of solid brass fittings makes the hose free from leaks and cracks that often come with plastic fittings. Built-in shut-off brass valve saves you endless trips to the faucet. The high quality spray nozzle with 8 adjustable patterns guarantees to satisfy all your watering needs, including garden and yard watering, car washing, home cleaning. 

  • Strongest and durable: triple layer latex core makes it much stronger and durable than the use of double layer latex which is easy to burst and leak after a few uses. High water pressure resistance up to 9Bar/116PSI. 

  • Guaranty: High quality natural latex and thickened high elastic outer fabric protecting casing ensure the hose a much longer lifespan with a lifetime warranty. And only Sold by Airylove is the Original product of Brand "FOCUSAIRY". 

  • Features  

    • Enjoy garden watering and make garden watering easy and convenient.
    • Compact, tightly knitted outer fabric leaves a pleasing impression on you; never twist, tangle, and kink, new strongest material ensures the hose a longer lifespan.
    • Brass fittings ensure a longer and working life and no more worries about leaks. The use of strongest outer fabric in the market makes this hose wear-resisting and last a long working life.
    • This hose is a revolutionary hose that automatically expands up to 3 times its original length when the water is turned on and automatically contracts back to its original length when the water is turned off.
    • This triple layer latex core hose is one of the strongest and most durable expanding hoses available on the market! It is designed to withstand the highest levels of water pressure up to 9bar with amazing results.  


    • Do not run hot water through this hose.
    • The hose is not intended for drinking water use.
    • Do not leave the water turned ON and the hose under pressure when not in use.
    • Drain the hose in the summer when you are not using it and keep it shaded as much as possible.
    • Store the hose in winter in the condition of draining the hose completely as water remaining can freeze, damaging the hose.


    • Product weight: 1.65 kg
    • Product material: Latex, brass, high quality polyester cloth
    • Product dimension: Original length: 33 feet / Expanding length: max 100 feet

    Package includes 

    • 1 x 100ft expandable garden hose
    • 1 x rust-free shutoff valve


    At Focusairy, we back them all with a lifetime warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.  

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